This board provides 3-axis magnetic field data. The resulting vector has to be adjusted by the current attitude before magnetic heading can be produced. This is done in the display computer.

The processor is an Atmel AVR ATMega328 8-bit processor. The CAN controller is a Microchip MCP2515. This communicates with the processor via SPI. The magnetic sensor is a HMC5883L. This communicates with the processor via I2C bus. There is 3.3V and 5V power supplies on the board taken from the 12V power supplied by input.

Completed Compass 2.0 Board in enclosure
First board in Enclosure.Full Size Completed Compass
Enclosure.Full Size


Power Schematic
Full Size

CPU Schematic
Full Size

CAN Schematic
Full Size

Magnetic sensor Schematic
Full Size

Circuit Board

Compass circuit board
Full Size

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