Past Boats

My first boat, albeit not a real one. This is a scratch built model of the U.S.S. President, a sister ship of the U.S.S. Constitution. It took about 2000 hrs to build.

The USS President Frigate

Our first big boat, a Spencer 31, built in 1967 in Vancouver, British Columbia. We took this boat up the inside passage to Alaska.

A Spencer 31 Sailboat

Present Boats

Currently we have a 12 foot Shellback Dinghy which I built in 1994. I bought the plans from Wooden Boat.

A Shellback Dinghy

Dinghy Construction

Go here to see the photo construction log.

Future Boats

I am currently building an F-9AX Farrier Trimaran. Here is a completed F-9A. This boat is nearly identical to the Corsair F31. My version is very similar except the main hull is wider for more interior room and a larger payload.

An F-9A

I have a series of pictures of the construction. To find out more about these boats, go to Farrier Marine Inc.