Construction log of Shellback Dinghy

The boat was built from oukoume plywood. The construction is tortured plywood coated with epoxy. The bottom and transom are 1/2" plywood. The sides are 1/4" plywood. Stem and midframe are laminated mahogany. The keel is solid mahogany


Here are the panels after cutting out and coating with epoxy. The gluing jig is just behind the panels.

The midshape frame was laminated from thin mahogony strips. This shows the finished lamination being smoothed with a plane.

This is the strongback ready for the mold frames.


The mold frames have been setup and the bottom is being attached to the mold.

The transom attachment to the mold.

The first two side planks are attached to the mold and are being planed flush with the bottom.

All side planking attached.

Sanding the inside of the boat.

The completed boat with mast in the step.